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Moving, Closing, Reopening and Refurbishment

Quite a few recent updates to our Gay Guide to Chiang Mai in recent days and weeks. Here is a summary

Moved: Secrets Bar and CU Bar

Effective 1 April 2014 Secrets Bar and CU Bar have moved to a new location on the moat. Read More: Night Bazaar – End of an Era


Yokadok seems to have closed it doors for good. Newcomer, X-change club which only opened a few months ago seems to have disappeared before we even visited! Spirit House is closed for refurbishment and currently scheduled to re-open on 1st May 2014

Reopened after Refurbishment

Several of Chiang Mai’s late night gay venues have had a face lift or change of ownership. Barocco Karaoke re-opened at the End of January whilst last month saw the re-opening of Relax Karaoke and See Man Pub. Read More: Late night fun refurbished


Whilst most of Chiang Mai’s traditional gay bars are predominantly the domain of older westerners, many younger gay Thai’s prefer to socialise in straight or rather mixed venues and clubs. The “Gay Ghetto” mentality that many westerners grew up with simply doesn’t exist in Thailand. Accordingly we’ve added a few of the straighter places that are popular with gay Thai boys to our late night disco and club guide

Keeping the Gay Guide Up to Date

If you know of any errors or omissions in our listings please let us know using our gay listings update form. We are always pleased to hear from both customers and business owners alike.

House of MaleRAM Bar

Political instability? Not in Chiang Mai

Peaceful Chiang Mai

Peaceful Chiang Mai

Given the international media coverage of Thailand’s political crisis, events in Bangkok over the last few months, and the plentiful travel warnings from foreign governments, it is hardly surprising many people are thinking twice about visiting Thailand this year.  But, they may be missing a trick.

Here in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second city, 750Km away from a troubled Bangkok, everything is wonderful.  Indeed, with the fabulous cool season weather at its best right now, a drop in visitor numbers and a depreciating Thai Baht, there has perhaps never been a better time to visit.  There are practically no signs of Thailand’s troubles in Northern Thailand and for bargain hunters Chiang Mai is the perfect place to be.

There’s never been a better time to visit Chiang Mai

With plenty of international air connections Chiang Mai is effortlessly reachable without needing to transit through Bangkok at all.  Direct connections to major hubs include Singapore, Kuala Lumpa, Hong Kong and Seoul as well as other regional destinations giving several choices for routing and airlines to get here.

Photos of Three Kings Monument Square, Chiang Mai
This photo of Three Kings Monument Square is courtesy of TripAdvisor

According to Trip Advisor’s Travellers Choice awards Chiang Mai has been voted the best destination in Thailand. In world rankings it is the 24th most popular destination. Situated in a wide basin of the Mae Ping river, yet surrounded by mountains and jungle, visitors benefit both from a relaxed yet metropolitan city whilst remaining close to nature.

If you haven’t been to Chiang Mai in some time you may be pleasantly surprised at the changes that have taken place.  The city has experienced an enormous growth boom in the last few years and there is no end in sight.  Just in the last year three new mega shopping malls have opened, the latest being Maya in the north west of the city which just opened this week.  Numerous high end condo developments are also popping up around town.

Whilst in some ways this development has decreased the city’s old fashioned appeal, the traditional sites around the moat and the main tourist areas still remain along with hundreds of temples and antiquities.  And, you only have to go a few km outside the city limits to find areas of rural Northern Thailand that haven’t changed much in decades.

Beautiful Scenery in Rural Chiang Mai Province

Beautiful Scenery in Rural Chiang Mai Province

Although this year’s cool season started late, it has been the best in a few years, with clear blue skies, daytime temperatures topping thirty degrees and pleasant cool evenings making sleeping without air-con a delight.  And, much to the disappointment of the Thais who are dressed up like Eskimos at night, it seems likely to continue for a while yet.

Chiang Mai attractions and things to see

Chiang Mai provides a wealth of things for visitors to see and do.  A walking tour around the old city area is a great way to start and some attractions include:

Depending on your enthusiasm there are countless other temples in the city too.  But the must see attraction is a trip up Doi Suteph mountain to visit Wat Phra Tat Doi Suteph, with its golden chedi and splendid views over the city.  The trip can also be extended to include the Royal palace and gardens which are further up the mountain.

Chiang Mai – The view from Doi Suteph

Chiang Mai – The view from Doi Suteph

Other Chiang Mai attractions include trips out into the countryside with visits to Elephant Camps and Flight of the Gibbon being two of the most popular.  There is also Chiang Mai Zoo, with its famous Pandas and aquarium, the Night Safari and Tiger Kingdom for wildlife lovers.

Further afield, the Samoeng loop is a great drive at this time of year, or you can venture further out into Northern Thailand.  Suggested locations include:

  • Phayao with its peaceful lake and a scenic drive to get there
  • Chiang Rai and the white temple – Chiang Rai is Chiang Mai twenty years ago
  • The Golden Triangle and Mekong river
  • Mae Fah Luang – The Queen Mothers former residence and beautiful Gardens
  • Doi Mae Salong – former KMT military base and opium town transformed into a specialist tea growing area.
  • Thaton and the Mae Kok river, where you can get a boat to Chiang Rai
  • Fang with its vibrant town and hot springs.
  • Doi Angkhan
  • Chiang Dao Mountains and caves
Stunningly beautiful Mae Fah Luang garden in Chiang Rai Province

Stunningly beautiful Mae Fah Luang garden in Chiang Rai Province

Or to the west is the picturesque town of Pai, close to the burmese border and famed as a hippy hang out (guess why), the beautiful town of Mae Hong Son and Doi Inthanon National Park and Thailand’s highest mountain.  The best way to see all these places is to hire a car and just drive, ideally with a Thai friend for company.  You can also get a driver with your car from many rental companies, or there are countless guided tours available.

Shopping and Entertainment

For shopping the explosion in new malls has been amazing in the last year.  Probably the most exciting development for gay visitors is the Maya Lifestyle mall located in Chang Puek district right on the main Huay Kaew Rd and its intersection with Nimmanaheminda Rd.  This is close to most of the gay accommodation and nightlife and is expected to prove a great attraction.  The Harbour Mall, also on Huay Kaew is another new development.  Out of town, Central Festival and Promenada are both proving popular, but you need transport to get there.  On Sunday nights the walking street market in the old city from Thapae gate is a must and has replaced the Night Bazaar as the place to go and buy handicrafts, clothes and other souvenirs.

The gay areas of Chiang Mai

The main areas in Chiang Mai

For non-gay entertainment and nightlife the city has no shortages of bars and restaurants.  There are two main areas:  Downtown around Thapae gate and down to the river is the main tourist area, here you will find many places catering to tourists.  Nimmanhaeminda area is the city’s trendy nightlife zone more popular with residents and ex-pats. 

Some of the best places to eat downtown are along the river, “The Riverside” is an old Chiang Mai favourite, along with “Good View”, “Gallery” and “River Market”. The sois off Nimmanahemina Road are packed with every kind of restaurant and bar you can imagine, as well as some fun night clubs like Warm Up, Monkey Club, Infinity and Tawan Daeng. During the day its an intersting place to wonder and check out some of the coffee shops, whilst night time it becomes the full entertainment zone.

Chiang Mai for gay visitors

For the gay visitor Chiang Mai has lots to offer, including a plentiful supply of gorgeous Northern Thai boys, but it’s not like Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket and you need to approach Chiang Mai in a  different way if you want to fully enjoy its gay delights.  Much more information is available if you browse through this website but the following is a quick summary.

The Commercial Gay Scene

Hunks from the Shan State at Adams' Apple Club - Chiang Mai's Best known Gay bar

Hunks from the Shan State at Adams’ Apple Club – Chiang Mai’s Best known Gay bar

There is a small go-go and karaoke bar scene situated in the Chang Puek district to the North of the city if that’s what you are looking for.  It is worth noting that, whilst the guys you will find in these places are among the most handsome in Thailand, most are actually from Burma’s Shan state which makes them an attraction in itself.  The other part of the gay for pay scene is the numerous gay massage places in Chang Puek and elsewhere in the city where you can go for a reasonably priced rub and tug with a cute massage boy and a happy ending.

The Social Gay Scene

The gay social scene is quite diverse.  For younger Thais, there is little appeal in traditional gay bars and they tend to hang out in the hundreds of bars and clubs in the city’s North western districts of Chang Puek and Nimmanhaeminda around the main universities.  These places are becoming increasingly popular with foreign gay visitors too, particularly the younger guys.  After midnight everyone heads to Chiang Mai’s premier gay club G-Star vintage which is packed, especially at weekends.

G-Star Vintage - Gay Club in Chiang Mai

G-Star Vintage – The best Gay Club in Chiang Mai – with coyote boy dancers

For foreigners, there a few gay bars orientated towards visitors and ex-pats where you can socialise and meet other foreigners without hassle from hustlers.  Of these Soho Bar and Ram Bar are perhaps the most popular.  There are also several restaurants serving various food types that attract a gay crowd such as Sabaidee Santitham, one of our current favourites.  Read more in our social scene guide. and guide to gay bars and restaurants.

Meeting gay Thais

If you are interested in meeting gay Thai’s, Chiang Mai’s two main saunas House of Male and Club One Seven are both popular options.  Club One Seven provides guest house accommodation as well and has a fantastic location on the river.  Otherwise your best bet is a lap top or smart phone since the gay hook up scene in Chiang Mai is now almost completely online.   Our hot tip is to make friends with people online who are happy to meet up, be friends and show you around the more interesting parts of the city, especially the places away from the fake Disney land that the tourist area has become.  And, don’t assume everyone is a money boy, though there are plenty of those to be found online too.

Gay Hotels and Guest Houses

For accommodation, apart from Club One Seven to the south of the city, all the gay accommodation is in the Chang Puek and Santitham districts close to other gay bars and restaurants.  You can check out our gay hotel and guesthouse guide or read this article staying gay in Chiang Mai for more information and suggestions.  Our guide to Santitham Coffee shops might also be of interest if you plan on staying there.  Or this article gives information about long stay accommodation options in the area.

Come to Chiang Mai – What are you waiting for?

Phayao Boys at Radchada Garden Cafe

We hope this article has helped convince you to put away any concerns you had about Thailand and head to Chiang Mai in the coming weeks.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Be aware that the national election is scheduled for next week end on Sunday 2 February and alcohol sales are banned over the election weekend with most bars closed.  However, the following weekend is the annual flower festival, one of Chiang Mai’s most beautiful events and a fantastic time to visit.  The temperatures usually remain pleasant throughout February before increasing rapidly as we head into March.


Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand is waiting for you

Central Chedi at Wat PraTat Doi Sutep (Wikimedia)

Central Chedi at Wat PraTat Doi Sutep (Wikimedia)

Photos of Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai
This photo of Tha Phae Gate is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Photos of Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai
This photo of Elephant Nature Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Radchada Garden Cafe

Classic Lanna style teakwood buildings

Photos of The Mae Ngat Dam & Reservoir, Chiang Mai
This photo of The Mae Ngat Dam & Reservoir is courtesy of TripAdvisor
BPB Property

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  2. […] Chiang Mai – Everything is fine in paradise January 26, 2014 […]

Gay Bar and Club for Sale

Author: BonTong 15 Jan 2014

Prestigious Gay Bar and Club in Chiang Mai


Gay Club for Sale in Chiang Mai

A unique opportunity for a gay entrepreneur to acquire one of Chiang Mai’s premier male entertainment businesses

This established, well run and successful business is Located in Chiang Mai’s main gay district of Chang Puek. The business is fully licensed for adult entertainment and includes highly desirable real estate in an excellent location with appreciating property prices. Building includes two separate business units and private accommodation.

Click for more details of this unique opportunity

House of MaleRadchada Garden Café

Christmas is coming

Author: BonTong 10 Dec 2013

Chiang Mai Gay Parties for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again and, with only two weeks until Christmas the party announcements are starting to arrive. Loads of places doing special Christmas food of course, we’ll try to provide a listing in the next few days. Meanwhile the first couple of gay events have been announced. For more details check out our Chiang Mai Gay Events Calender

Ram Bars Christmas Party

Adam's Apple Club Chiang Mai - Christmas Show

Adams Apple ClubRadchada Garden Café

Gay Happenings in Chiang Mai

After what has seemed like an interminable rainy season this year, the last week has finally seen the arrival of blue skies and cool evenings in Chiang Mai. Barring any marginal effects from Typhoon Haiyan and the odd evening thunderstorm, the weather should remain nice and settled for the upcoming Loy Krathong Festival and high season.

Read our news update below for the latest new places to go and events that are happening in Gay Chiang Mai.

New Gay Bar: X-Change Club

x-Change Club Chiang MaiThe first new arrival for high season opens tonight (Saturday 9 November 2013) in the old city. X-Change Club, is located on Ratvithi Road, in Chiang Mai’s prime backpacker zone. X-Change Club is billed as a new club for a new generation with non-stop dance music from 7 p.m until late. The area already has some pedigree for late night venues with the nearby Reggae bars and Zoe in Yellow being tourist favourites. Whilst Zoe is also popular with some of the young at heart gay ex-pats and their fag-hag followers. This is not a specifically gay area so remains to be seen what crowd this new venue will attract. Of course, we will have to send the Bon Tong boys to check it out and report back :)

Loy Khratong and Ram Bar’s got Talent

Loy Khratong is only a week away and you can check out all the details in our guide to Loy Khratong in Chiang Mai or see the official event listings for the Yee Peng festival from Chiang Mai Municipality. Ahead of the main festivities RAM bar has an event on Friday 15 November – Ram Bar’s got Talent

Check out your favourite Ram Bar Talent below and visit Ram Bar on Facebook to vote.

River House Masssage and The Edge

River House Massage Chiang MaiAdjacent to RAM bar, River House Massage has undergone a major makeover under new owners Hugh and Ton. You can read all about it in Out-in-Thailand magazine’s advertorial piece River House Makes Waves. They are also launching an “Asian fusion food” restaurant right on the river bank which will be called “The Edge”. Check out their Loy Krathong party at 5p.m. on Sunday 17th November for cocktails and free canapés

According to James Barnes of Out-in-thailand River House, “has been certified by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand and clearly sets the bar higher in response to today’s increasingly sophisticated and demanding gay customer”. So, on that positive note, it’s great to see our old friend Mr Art looking so fit and healthy, now working at River House as a masseur. For those who think Art looks familiar he had a long and distinguished career as the pianist at Adam’s Apple Club, Chiang Mai’s best known gay bar and go-go show, where it wasn’t just his long fingers that singled him out as piano player extraordinaire.

Art go-go boy at Adams Apple Club Chiang MaiArt go-go boy dancer at Adams Apple Club Chiang Mai

Art the temple boy

Happy Memories – Mr Art

So if you’re one of these increasingly sophisticated and demanding gay customers who is not sure where to go for a good old “rub and tug” head down to River House and ask for Mr Art. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the happy ending.

Other changes on the massage front include two new shops. Paradise Massage, located where Mystic Orient used to be, and Hormone Massage, which has opened in Chiang Mai Land Village.

Soho Bar

Thanks Giving Dinner at Soho Bar

If you are looking for somewhere to go on Wednesday nights, Soho Bar and Guest house has a Wine and Cheese promotion with a buy one get one free offer on wine and free cheese and appetizers. The nights have a Jazz music theme and attract a good crowd. Don’t forget the Soho Bar Gay Loy Khratong party on 17 November too.

On Thursday 28th November Soho Bar will be having a family Thanksgiving dinner. Get down there and enjoy the party.

G-Star Vintage and See Man Pub

Elsewhere, super gay club G-Star Vintage Chiang Mai in Chang Puek district continues to go from strength to strength and is getting ever more popular having easily become Chiang Mai’s most popular gay venue in the mere six months it has been open. Its coyote boy dancers and ladyboy drag shows continue to attract large crowds. See Man Pub is another popular late night gay exclusive venue located near the university in the North West of the city.

G-Star Vintage Chiang Mai - Full
Packing them in – a typical fun night at G-Star Vintage Chiang Mai

Club One Seven

Club One Seven, Chiang Mai’s best Gay Sauna is also seeing a lot of success with its thrice monthly party nights on 7, 17 and 27 of every month with a naked theme and drinks specials. If you are in town for Loy Khratong, Club one Seven is right on the river and a great place to experience the festivities and watch the Kratongs float by. Don’t miss the party on 17 November.

Chiang Mai Gay Sauna Boys

Thai boys enjoy the gay sauna – Club One Seven

If you are looking for accommodation over Loy Khratong Club One Seven is also a guest house, situated in a beautiful old Thai teakwood mansion, providing a unique and relaxing place to stay.

New Malls – Central Festival and Maya

Chiang Mai is a city experiencing rapid growth and transformation, with one of the most momentous city changing events occurring in just five days times. November 15 sees the opening of the new central Festival Mall, an enormous mega mall located East of the city on the super highway and the Doi Saket/Chiang Rai road. A month later and the new Maya Mall is scheduled to open in Chang Puek district at the Rincome intersection with Huay Kaew and Nimmanhaeminda Road. These two venues are set to revolutionise the lifestyle and shopping experiences in the city.

Central Festival Mall - Chiang Mai

Visiting Chiang Mai

If you are visiting Chiang Mai in the coming weeks of high season be sure to read our recent feature on places to stay gay in Chiang Mai with details of all the gay accommodation and more.

On Sunday’s don’t forget to join the gang for Sunday Roast at The Pub late afternoon or early evening. Always popular with the gay crowd. Whatever you do, be sure to check out our gay Chiang Mai events guide for all the details of what is going on around town.

Pizza Chiang Mai

Khun Note with a freshly baked twelve inch pizza at Radchada Garden Cafe

Last but not least, don’t forget to drop in and say hi to Khun Note and the boys at Radchada Garden Café and try their fabulous Pizza.

Radchada Garden Café is open form 10 a.m. every day (except Tuesday) and is a great place to relax day time or evening. Situated in an antique Lanna style Thai teak Wood palace, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, Radchada has the real ambiance of old Chiang Mai. Enjoy easy cafe food, breakfast, snacks, sandwiches or pasta, and Radchada’s signature 12 inch thin crust Pizza. A full service bar offers a range of beers wines, spirits and cocktails. or you can just have a coffee, or soft drink andread the free newspapers or benefit from a high speed wireless connection to get online.

SohoRAM Bar

Adam’s Apple Club

Author: BonTong 23 Oct 2013

Go-Go boy update

Gay Chiang Mai Boys at Adam's Apple Club
Chiang Mai’s original and best known Gay Bar, Adam’s Apple Club continues to be one of the city’s most popular attractions for visitors and residents alike. They have recently updated their website with more pictures of some of the most good looking and attractive young male bodies you will find in Northern Thailand.

Adam’s Apple Club is located in Chiang Mai’s Chang Puek district and close to all the other main gay venues in town. It is across the road from the famous Chiang Mai institution The Lotus Hotel, and it’s Garden Bar; a popular meeting place for Chiang Mai’s gay socialites.

Adam’s Apple Club is open every night with cute go-go boys dancing from 9 p.m. and their erotic sexy show starts at 10:30 p.m. with some great new acts to entertain you. If you haven’t been for a while it’s worth checking out to see what’s new, and a must see show if it’s your first time in Chiang Mai.

Chaing Mai Gay Club Adam's Apple Club Website

SohoBPB Property

The heat of May is finally abating as June heralds the start of rainy season in Chiang Mai.  But, how hot is the gay scene in Chiang Mai these days?

The last year or so has seen major transformations in Chiang Mai’s gay lifestyle.  Smart new Thai bars and clubs have taken over; whilst the old style prostitution oriented farang bars are transitioning to a more food oriented social scene.  The changes started last year when Chiang Mai’s first 100% gay super club, See Man Pub opened its doors.  See Man Pub was the trend setter bringing to Chiang Mai the kind of gay venue that has already proved popular in Bangkok’s Ramkhamhaeng district, away from the Silom tourist scene.

See Man Pub Foam Party

Foam Party at See Man Pub

See Man Pub provides a mixture of music, entertainment shows and coyote boys in a smart, modern air conditioned building.  Realistic drink prices and a location close to Chiang Mai’s student enclaves made the place an instant hit, with weekends seeing the venue packed to overflowing with the young and handsome gay crowd out to enjoy themselves.

But, See Man Pub was only the starting point.  In April, just in time for Songkran, Chiang Mai saw the opening of another new mega gay venue in Chiang Mai’s main gay neighbourhood of Chang Puek.  G Star Vintage is a direct import from Bangkok’s Radchada soi 8 and has proved a major force for change in Chiang Mai.  Offering a similar format to See Man Pub, but with a more professional and raunchy show, intimate atmosphere and discreet location with plenty of parking, G Star vintage has taken Chiang Mai by storm.  It is packed even on weekday nights and will no doubt get even busier this week as thousands of students return to nearby Rajaphat University for the start of term.

G-star Vintage gay Club in Chiang Mai

Packing them in at G-Star Vintage

As well as the pure gay clubs, See Man Pub, and G-Star, Chiang Mai’s mixed clubs continue to be popular with the gay crowd too,  Sign-in, Warm up and Infinity all attract good numbers of Thai gay boys, as do the student bars of Santitham and JJ Market.  All round, gay Thais in Chiang Mai have never had it so good.

g-star Vintage Coyote Boys

Coyote Boys at G-Star Vintage

In contrast, the once thriving beer bar and bar boy gay scene that used to attract so many farangs to Chiang Mai continues its decline.  Particularly noticeable now is the scarcity of free-lance prostitutes that used to be found in abundance in Chiang Mai.  Although some of the old hands are still around there is a distinct lack of new entrants to the business.

The reasons for the decline in overt prostitution are perhaps complex, but first and foremost, the socio economic changes that have permeated Thailand over the last few years have had their effect.  Not only are people with more money less likely to turn to prostitution, but the stigma attached to the business has become much more prominent in Thai society, particularly with the spread of social media.  Online activity with dating sites and smart phone apps provide a more inconspicuous environment for the boys to find their tricks.

Further factors include the income drop suffered by many ex-pats due to the high baht and recession hit western economies, coupled with the ageing of the ex-pat population leading to a decline in the sex-pat appetite and budget for prostitutes.  At the same time, the war on drugs has had an impact on Chiang Mai’s bar boy population with quite a few having been re-located to new purpose built accommodation in Mae Taeng district.

Hunky Shan Guys - Chiang Mai gay hustlers

Chiang Mai Boys – the way it used to be

Sadly a knock on effect of the social changes in Thailand is that, whilst many gay Thais are now more comfortable visiting the big gay clubs, most self-respecting Thai gays now won’t go anywhere near bars where Farangs hang out for fear of being labelled as prostitutes themselves.

However, for those whose prime purpose in visiting Thailand is to find gay for pay sex, don’t write Chiang Mai off just yet.  Despite the dearth of freelance guys in the bars, the commercial scene: go-go, massage and karaoke bars continue to prosper.   With discreet locations away from prying eyes and almost exclusively Burmese guys working go-go these venues remain popular with Thai customers and Farangs alike.  The oldest and most popular venue remains Adam’s Apple Club, a smart foreign owned venue with a professional show and some really handsome and hunky go-go boys from Burma’s Shan state.  For full details of Chiang Mai’s gay for pay scene check our go-go listing here.

Adams Apple Club Gay  Boys Chiang Mai

Handsome go-go boys at Adam’s Apple Club – Chiang Mai’s best known gay bar

One bar that is bucking the trend for low season and doing deservedly well is RAM bar.  Staffed by ultra-friendly and exceedingly attractive gay staff, RAM bar has found the winning formula and become the drinking den of choice for discerning ex-pats.  This is not a place to go for sexual encounters, but somewhere to enjoy a drink and a chat with like-minded people and attentive smiling staff.  Of course, if the urge takes you, River House Massage is only a few paces away too.

Boys at RAM bar - Chiang Mai Gay Bar

Friendly and handsome staff are waiting for you at RAM bar

Another venue that has quickly established itself as a Chiang Mai favourite is the gay sauna at Club One Seven.  With its unique location, riverside terrace and antique buildings it has a great atmosphere, whilst a range of special promotion nights are packing the people in with the sauna complex often full to capacity.  Their special party nights on 7, 17 and 27 of each month are particularly popular.  Club One Seven is also a guest house which offers beautiful Lanna style rooms with four poster beds and river views in their beautiful old teak wood house.

Increasingly, Chiang Mai is attracting more affluent gay tourists who come to enjoy the beauty and culture of Chiang Mai, rather than just to find cheap sex.  One place successfully catering to the more demanding well to do visitor is Mansfield Residence, a boutique resort providing five star accommodation in a very discreet location with un-intrusive personal service.  Despite being a short distance from the Santitham bar and restaurant scene, Mansfield Residence, with its relaxing garden and loft terrace is an oasis of calm in the city.

G Star Vintage Chiang Mai - Table Layout

G-Star Vintage Club Layout

So for gay Farangs in Chiang Mai, what are the attractions?  For younger visitors and the young at heart, Chiang Mai’s big gay clubs are now undoubtedly the best places to go to meet gay Thai’s.  But, these are not places to go alone, find some Thai friends to go with you and share a bottle of whiskey or spirits with (drinking individual drinks is not normal in these places).  Learning a few words of Thai will go a long way in helping you meet new friends too.  Remember to be discreet!  Exchange phone numbers or agree to meet people later and don’t engage in excessive shows of affection in public.

The Farang gay scene in Chiang Mai is evolving into a purely social scene (rather than pick up joints where older Farang seek young Thais).  The successful bars are becoming more mixed and placing emphasis on being nice places to hang out.  Many are adding value by improving the quality of the venue and providing food to bring in the customers.   Out are bamboo shacks, rickety wooden furniture, decrepit bathrooms and prostitutes.  In are granite, chrome, stylish contemporary Thai design, air conditioning and competent professional service staff.

Looking to the future, this high season in Chiang Mai saw far more younger gay visitors than previous years.  Often gay couples travelling together who were here to enjoy what the city had to offer and weren’t looking for sex.  Also, a larger number of younger gays from eastern Europe and elsewhere in Asia to which the new venues like G-Star Vintage are highly appealing.  Hopefully this is a trend that will continue to grow and a younger refreshed gay scene will emerge as a result.

SohoBon Tong productions

Comments So Far

  1. Tim says:

    Sadly have to agree with you about the disappearing boys. The Garden Bar, which used to be a regular bar boy haunt is desolate now. Down at the night bizaare is equally dead, seems like the few boys that still go there have been around for years and are starting to show it.

  2. Bob says:

    Great article. Nice to see that Chiang Mai is leaving it’s sleazy past behind and finally moving into the 21st Century. I love G-star, this is a fabulous place and it will be great if it draws a younger crowd of foreigners to Chiang Mai.

    It’s certainly true there aren’t boys around Chaing Mai like there used to be. Perhaps that means the worst of Chiang Mai’s pedophile sex-pats will now move to Cambodia as seems to be the trend.

Dong Bar

Author: Gay Chiangmai 1 Apr 2013

These days it’s not so often that we get to report on a new gay bar in Chiang Mai, but this is a pleasant exception. This weekend we made a rare visit to the south side of the city to investigate Chiang Mai’s latest gay addition, the new Dong bar. The name apparently means Jungle Bar in Thai (ดงบาร์) though we liked the entirely appropriate double entendre, if you get the meaning! Dong bar is like nothing else ever seen in Chiang Mai before and goes way beyond raunchy; it might be better described as a sex bar than a go-go bar.

dong bar

From outside, Dong bar doesn’t look much and is almost engulfed in vegetation. It’s located in a dead end side soi in that under developed area around the Haiya district somewhere south of the Mae Kha Klong. From the outside it looks more like a shack with a small, though nicely done beer bar and seating area at the front, with a surreptitious looking door leading into the main venue.

Dong bar - the water boysWhat we found inside was totally unexpected though. The front section is an air conditioned lounge, with large sofa’s and bamboo walls partitioning the space into more private areas. The rear wall of the lounge area is glazed so you can look out at the rest of the bar and the “action”. The rear section is essentially outdoor, but enclosed by tall bamboo walls and the seating area is partly covered with a roof for the rainy season. The centre piece of the bar is a big pool and large artificial waterfall surrounded by plants and palm trees, including a large coconut tree (not sure what happens if a coconut falls during the show though). Indeed, the whole back wall of the bar seems to be nothing more than dense vegetation.

It’s the boys that make this place special; some very handsome specimens from Tai Yai land looking completely natural in their skimpy loin cloths which allow easy access for wandering hands. Audience participation is actively encouraged. Whereas, the waiters are dressed in military themed shorts and vests. The night we went there were only about twelve boys, several were older muscular guys; apparently the captain used to work at Circle so many will know them. But, there were also some cute twinks too. We were told normally there are about twenty boys but several were at the Poy Sang Long festival at Wat Ku Tao.

Dong Bar - waterfall boyBefore the show, which starts around 11.00, the boys dance go-go on a bridge spanning the pool and on small podiums with bamboo poles which are spread around the bar. The show is the proposition that puts Dong bar in a different league from anywhere else in Chiang Mai, we won’t give too much away as to spoil the surprises, but it starts with the boys emerging from a cave under the waterfall, all completely naked. They then proceed to dance in pairs around the poles rubbing their bodies together. This is followed by several of the usual go-go style skits, some which get right in the face of the audience. The pool and waterfall make great props and there’s nothing like the site of naked guys frolicking in the water. The bananas and cream added an interesting twist too!

The highlight was the two full sex shows, which were as good if not better than anything ever seen in Bangkok, with full blown action including several hot guys. A fun twist was the audience gets to choose the “bottom” in a kind of auction; three boys go around soliciting donations and the winner takes all, both figuratively and literally. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination, let’s just say these boys aren’t shy……

Dong Bar - Water boys showUnlike other go-go bars, this place is actually a private club. Membership for one visit is 200Bt for Thai’s and 500Bt for Farangs or an annual fee of 1000Bt for Thai’s and 2000Bt for Farangs (Yeah, I know what everyone is gonna say but TIT). However Drinks prices were a bit less expensive than other bars. 180Bt for a drink, 990Bt for 100 Pipers set. Off fee is 500Bt. Clientele was mainly Thai and the place is geared for them. It’s discreet location making it popular with more hiso and influential Thai’s. It’s only been open a couple of weeks but already it looks like it will give the other bars some decent competition.

They don’t have a web site yet, but the owner Nong, did send us the pictures for this write up. In typical Thai fashion most of these places are publicised by word of mouth as they don’t want to attract too much attention. Dong bar is located off soi Maesayonngaw (เมษายนโง่) Suriyawong Road, Hiya District. The bar is open from 9 p.m. and continues with Karaoke until 6 a.m.

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    Seems like our article about Dong bar has been one of our most popular with numerous requests for more information. You can get details of the location here:

  2. Reader says:

    Where exactly is it? I can’t seem to find it. Could you give a little more detail regular ding the location? Thank you.

  3. thomas says:

    A far from foolish idea.

  4. thomas says:

    Thank you for the news about the new DONG bar.
    Having a private club is a good idea and I will join on my next trip to Chiang Mai IF the club remains a GAY ONLY club! Thailand badly needs an exclusive GAY MEN ONLY club. Going into the ‘gay’ bars in Bangkok and Pattaya now is a waste of time as most of the clients are straight women. There are enough bars already for straight women without ruining the few gays venues.
    Pass on my views to the owner please.

  5. Nicky says:

    Happy April 1

Valentine’s Day

Author: BonTong 11 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day in Gay Chiang Mai

Plenty of events going on in Chiang Mai. Check out the special show and party with the cupid boys at Adam’s Apple Club. Or have dinner in one of many restaurants offering Valentine’s specials.

Valentine’s at Adam’s

Valentines Day at Adam's Apple Club Chiang Mai

Valentine’s Day at Adam’s Apple Club

Adam’s Apple Club, Chiang Mai’s best known gay bar, is holding a special show and party night. Come and find your Cupid boy.

They will also be launching their new perfume, Green Apple, with a free bottle for every customer on Valentine’s night.

For details of restaurants offering special meals for Valentine’s night check our event guide here

Adam's Apple Club Chiang Mai - Valentine's Day

Club one Seven

Gay Chiang Mai Update

Author: BonTong 7 Feb 2013

Chiang Mai – Gay is go for high season

Chiang Mai is now reaping the benefits of last week’s un-seasonal heavy rain storms, which have cleared the air and washed out the start of the burning season. Beautiful clear air, blue skies, warm days and refreshing evenings have made this a perfect week.

This year, Chiang Mai has been packed for high season. There seem to be people everywhere and many businesses are doing brisk trade. This will peak at the weekend with many tourists in town for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Moreover, the major Chinese film “Lost in Thailand”, which opened in December, has sparked massive interest in the region. Filmed around Chiang Mai, the TAT Chiang Mai office say the film is credited with trebling the number of Chinese visitors to Chiang Mai at the end of last year.

For more of what to do in Chiang Mai for the Chinese New year see this article on Chiang Mai City News. Soho bar is also arranging some Chinese New Year festivities – see the details on our event calendar here

Party at CU BarIn the last week the Night Bazaar area has seen two major parties. Last night CU bar held its one year anniversary party for their new location. Meanwhile Secrets Bar had their celebration last Friday. Both were packed and we hear reports that a great time was had by all. This Sunday is RAM Bar’s turn with their first anniversary party, you can check out the details here.


In Chang Puek the Garden Bar has been particularly crowded the last few weeks with a great mix of Ex-pats and visitors staying at the adjacent Lotus Hotel or other guest houses in the gay Santitham district. Sometimes it’s been standing room only around the bar and a great atmosphere. As well as those who eat at the Garden Bar’s restaurant with its popular Lebanese food, many more pop in for a drink before or after dinner at the Spirit House which has also been busy.

Boys at Adam's AppleMost popular of all has been Chiang Mai’s legendary Go-Go bar Adam’s Apple Club, across the road from the Garden Bar. This year has almost been like old times with the bar packed every night, a great show and a splendid selection of really handsome performers. Adam’s Apple has certainly established itself as the premier Go-Go and host bar in Chiang Mai with not only Farang customers but also many Thais and visitors from other Asian countries too. With Staff names including Mr Nice and Mr Bad there’s something for everone.

Sabbai Dee Santitham with great Thai Food and Radchada Garden Cafe with it’s popular Pizza are good places to eat.

There’s still a few weeks of high season left before the temperatures rise in March so right now is an excellent time to come and enjoy Gay Chiang Mai.

Club one SevenSantitham Guest House
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  • Welcome to Chiang Mai Gay News
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