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Sweet Akha Boy Sunny

Lots of Sunshine to start the New Year

1st January 2012 already seems a distant memory so, as we enter 2013, we thought we’d look back at some of the things that happened in gay Chiang Mai during 2012. The last year has seen significant changes in the demographics of the Chiang Mai gay scene, with the typical old fashioned foreign style gay bar seeing a decline, whilst trendy new places are definitely in the ascendancy.

We started 2012 with lots of Sunshine, and since this is a subject we have a definite soft spot for, couldn’t resist doing the same this year :) Wishing all of our readers a very Happy New Year in which we hope you find lots of sunshine of your own.

In January 2012 on gay in Chiang Mai we remembered the death of our friend David Crisp, brutally murdered by three boys he’d befriended. We also reported on the forthcoming opening of Mansfield Residence, a new boutique city resort in Santitham along with the closure of Twin Peaks and Jungle Juice bars in Sleaze Alley.

January went out with a bang, rather too literally as Khun Note, the owner of Radchada proved both conclusively and concussively that motorbikes are imperfect flying machines. Scary stuff in the Emergency Room at Chiang Mai RAM when the doctor pronounced Note’s injuries were life threatening. Fortunately, after some time in ICU and an intervention by a very skilful surgeon, Note is back to normal and boasting that he now has more titanium than silicon is his face.

CU Bar at Night Bazaar

CU Bar at Night Bazaar

February saw several changes in the Chiang Mai scene. The start of the month saw Secrets Bar and CU bar relocate into the adjacent covered area overlooking the night bazaar car park, whilst the only remaining sleaze alley Bar, Milky Way moved to the front of the alley.

Whilst the changes were a definite improvement, some of the benefits didn’t last. The bathrooms, which we have to say were beyond disgusting in the old location, were markedly better. Sadly, it seems janitorial skills and basic maintenance are not considered as important here. The current facilities are already un-pleasant, the decline over just a few months having been noticeably rapid.

The nature of the bars has changed too. Secrets Bar seems to have lost the young kids who used to play pool there, and become a good quiet place just to go for a drink, without being pestered by the rougher hill tribe hustlers. CU Bar on the other hand, seems to want to be all things to everyone and many say it has lost some of its previous attraction.

February witnessed one of the biggest events the Chiang Mai gay scene has seen in ages. See Man Pub opened on Canal Road (close to Nimmanheminda area). In less than a year this large modern gay club has transformed the Chiang Mai scene shifting it away from the fading downtown and night bazaar areas to the happening parts of Nimmanheminda and Santitham. A process that has accelerated throughout the year with both the closure of Mandalay Bar and a campaign of drink driving checks around the Night Bazaar orchestrated to drive seedy nightlife out of the tourist and cultural areas.

See Man Pub

Following their formal launch party in March, See Man Pub has continued to grow in popularity throughout the year and is now the must visit gay venue in Chiang Mai.

See Man Pub Foam Party

The good news is that, unlike Mandalay, foreigners are welcome at See Man too. It’s open late but Friday and Saturday’s are packed so it’s better to go a little early to get a table. They have been arranging a number of special events throughout the year with various contests and foam parties proving popular.

February also saw the opening of RAM coffee and bar A nice modern coffee shop located right next to River House massage, though the location is a bit distant from any other gay venues. During the course of the year they gave up on coffee, but the bar is still open in the evening and attracts a small regular following of old generation ex-pats.

March saw the launch of the Rainbowcard, Asia-Pacific’s first international GLBT Lifestyle Card.

Rainbow card Logo

Visit the Rainbow Card Website to discover details of GLBT business offering discounts or promotions to cardholders and to apply for a free card. To see the businesses accepting RainbowCard in Chiang Mai visit

A downside for March and April this year was the bad smog and smoke which returned to blight Chiang Mai, this year seemed worse than several previous years disproving government assertions that things were improving. However, this was also the year when they unveiled a novel solution

On a sad note, April was the month in which we said good bye to another friend who succumbed to something almost forgotten these days.

April started with a big party for the grand opening of Mansfield Residence Boutique City resort in the heart of gay Santitham. This lavish project aims at providing five star hotel class accommodation yet retaining the intimate, private and discreet nature of a gay guest house.

Mansfield Hot Male sexy boys

Some of the show boys at Mansfield’s opening party

April is the height of hot season and a time when the boys head of to Chiang Mai Riviera better known as Huai Tung Thao lake located off the Canal Road a few Km North of the 700 year stadium. This large lake is a popular destination to escape the city for a few hours relaxation and swimming.

Fun at Huai Tung Thao

End of a great afternoon's fun with the boys at Huai Tung Thao

Of course, the most aggressiveness cooling off is done at the Songkran traditional New Year water festival and this year was no exception with the party seeming to go on for ever.

May was a busy month and with twenty two articles marked our biggest month on Chiang Mai Gay News. The first of May was a landmark for Radchada Garden Cafe which transitioned from being a daytime cafe to extending it’s opening hours to provide an evening bar service. It also added a larger range of Italian food dishes to it’s existing selection of Pizzas and Pasta.

Radchada Garden Cafe

Radchada Garden Café

May was also the month when arithmetical difficulties almost left the staff at the Garden Bar witless. With Idaho day on 17th May it was also a month to remember that, despite tremendous advances in gay rights, there is still a long way to go.

June was definitely old Queen’s month with the U.K. celebration of sixty years on the throne which it seemed the rest of the world joined in too, or at least in Chiang Mai the party seemed that way at The Pub. The Pub has remained a gay favorite in 2012 with the early evening gay gathering for Sunday lunch getting ever more popular.

As the low season started to bite we saw the start of the phoney party wars as bar owners became evermore desperate to try and pull in a few more punters. The competition was tough but the Bon Tong award for silliest party theme was the knobbly Knees at Ram Bar, well maybe they called it sexy legs but whatever :)

July heralded the birth of another gay business as we formally launched Bon Tong Productions providing a web design service specifically aimed at gay businesses.

Bon Tong Production Logo

One of Bon Tong’s first projects was a new website for Adam’s Apple club:

Adam's Apple Club Website

Check out the site live at:

July also saw the end of a Chiang Mai gay institution as Mandalay, affectionately known as Mandagay closed down.

In August much excitement was caused by the announced re-opening of Chiang Mai’s legendary gay bar Coffee Boy. This was quickly followed by disillusionment as it turned about to be the Coffee Shack, actually called Chiang Mai 19 (boy).

September was a quiet month, as it always is in Chiang Mai. The guys at Bon Tong Productions took the opportunity to make some changes to this website, including the introduction of a complete new gay guide to complement our existing guide on In October we further extended the changes by adding a fully interactive events calendar to the site. We also updated our quick reference guide to Chiangmai gay venues: all the addresses in Thai on a single page – ideal to carry with you and show a Tuk-Tuk driver. Download it here.

In October Soulmates Retreat, a small luxury gay owned resort out side Chiang Mai, appeared on the scene. Located in beautiful countryside with views of paddy-fields and mountains near Doi Saket, Soulmates Retreat sets new standards for luxury gay accommodation.

Soulmates Retreat

Soulmates Retreat – Luxury gay resort with beautiful views

Soulmates is the second new addition to the luxury gay accommodation market following Mansfield Residence in the Santitham area. 2012 was a good year for gay accommodation in Santitham with new gay owned guest house QI 68 also opening here, and the much awaited new villas at Santitham Guest House finally opening to the public. Soho Bar and Guest House has also been making improvements to its rooms, or for the more budget concious, the B2 (Boutique and Budget) hotel chain has now opened it’s third property in Santitham and a B2 Premier in the Nimmanheminda area.

Pizza Chiang Mai

Khun Note with a freshly baked twelve inch pizza at Radchada Garden Cafe

October was also when Radchada Garden Cafe launched its very popular Free Pizza Buffet on Monday nights. Radchada’s Pizza’s are twelve inch Italian style thin crust, baked to order in a sizzling hot oven with fresh ingredients and quality Mozarella cheese. Undoubtedly the best Pizza in Santitham and the gayest Pizza in Chiang Mai. :)

As you can see from his picture, it’s wonderful to see Khun Note made a full recovery from his accident back in January

Since extending opening hours into the evening, 2012 has been a good year for Radchada Garden Cafe which, in November, celebrated it’s first anniversary with a well attended party. See the pictures here

The culmination of the year was the recognition of Radchada’s popularity by the readers of Out in Thailand magazine, who voted Radchada Garden Café as the readers choice for best Restaurant and Café in Chiang Mai. We were doubly honoured when our sister website from Bon Tong productions, won the award for best local website for the second year running.

SpaTacus Chiang Mai

The gay massage business offering massage for men by men also saw some development in Chiang Mai during 2012. The first new venue was Spatacus off Loi Kroh Road. Around Chiang Mai Land two more massage shops were added close to the Blues Club, His Club and One 2 come.

boys at Heaven Massage

New massage and spa Heaven Massage is situated right across the road from Blues Club whilst another new venue Sixty Nine club is in a back soi just around the corner in a smart Thai style villa house

On the down side, M Massage and Spa closed down, along with the short lived five on Chiang Moi. The Wall Massage had a small wobble and closed briefly but has now re-opened under new management.

It would appear the massage business is tough in Chiang Mai. With at least sixteen gay massage parlours it seems there is hardly enough business to go around and it’s a hard market for new entrants to penetrate with the happy endings perhaps destined only for the clients rather than the businesses themselves.

November was a strange month with the 2555 Loy Khratong festival falling late this year on 28 November. Normally the weather cools and is very pleasant in November. Following last years floods 2012′s weather in Chiang Mai has been far from normal. Rainy season was more of a cloudy season, that extended until early December before the temperatures finally fell. Loy Khratong was nearly washed out as the main parade narrowly escaped heavy rain.

Another rising star however turned super nova and died in a few short months. The well-known Glass Onion had expanded significantly with the addition of an outdoor café bar Cosmos café and a speciality wine shop. Clearly over reached, the next step was to recruit some very cute Isaan money boys to woo the customers. Sadly it had the opposite effect and all the venues had closed up by September.

Meanwhile, Chris, the Glass Onion’s former owner had opened another small bar on Nimmanhaeminda Soi 1. More like someone’s living room than a bar this venue started off well, but after some difficulties with the landlady, it all imploded in a few short weeks.

Out in Thailand Magazine October front cover

In the media Chiang Mai received some interesting coverage with several articles reflecting the changes in Chiang Mai and it’s gay scene along with the rise of Santitham as the center of gay life. The November issue of Thai Puan contains an article by David Edwards called “Santitham – The New Chiang Mai” and Out in Thailand’s special feature on Chiang Mai by Guy Burroughs in the October Issue was called Chiang Mai – All change in the Jungle city. Bon tong’s opinions can be found here on Chiang Mai City News blog article The Santitham Renaissance.

In December we produced our high season update on the state of the Chiang Mai gay scene. Looking back on the year its been interesting to note the decline in the traditional style bars. More and more we see younger visitors and gay couples coming to Chiang Mai looking for a vibrant tourist destination and who have zero interest in going to places where prostitutes hang out.

Happy New Year to all our readers for 2013

Radchada Cafe Staff

Happy New Year from the boys at Radchada Garden Café

We have put a lot of effort into developing this website which has always been a non profit venture. If you enjoyed the articles and information we provide, or are a gay business that benefits from the free publicity you can always send us a Happy New Year gift using the donate button at the top right of the page.

Sabbai DeeSantitham Guest House

For Men Who Love Men

Author: Gay Chiangmai 8 Apr 2012

Thailand’s Official MSM website Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre

Adam's Love

Adam's Love is the source of HIV/AIDS information for Men who have Sex with Men in Thailand. Fashion photography, videos, images, podcasts, text, art posters and peer support chat to increase HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, prevention, treatment, care and support. Learn safe sexual practices for gay men.

SohoHouse of Male

World AIDS Day

Author: BonTong 1 Dec 2011

Today 1st December is World AIDS Day World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV. Do something to mark World AIDS Day – GET TESTED FOR HIV! You can also find out the facts about HIV and bust the myths.

aids red ribbon

Due to flood situation in Thailand, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre will not organize a special event on the World AIDS Day this year. However Dr. Nittaya Phanuphak from the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre issued the following Message:

“Thailand is very lucky to be one among a very few countries in the developing world where discrimination towards sexuality is not that strong and at the same time there are so many organizations with good hearted people who continue to work very hard to change HIV epidemic among MSM/TG. So why don’t you take a few minutes to think about what this means to you and the one(s) you love. Grab this opportunity to get tested for HIV regularly!”.

Visit Adam’s Love is the source of HIV/AIDS information for Men who have Sex with Men in Thailand. Fashion photography, videos, images, podcasts, text, art posters and peer support chat to increase HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, prevention, treatment, care and support. Learn safe sexual practices for gay men.

In Chiang Mai anonymous testing is available from the Thai Red Cross Clinic at Wichayanon Rd on the river near Nakorn Ping Bridge between US consulate and Warowot Market. They have an HIV centre upstairs on the second floor, separate from the normal reception, and have people there who will provide support and guidance as well as the test itself. You can get results in 24 hours for about 100 Baht, or within 30 mins for about 200 Baht. See our Gay Map of Chiang Mai for location.

SohoRAM Bar

Commercial Gay Scene – Freelancers

This is the third and final part of our series on Gay Sex in Chiang Mai; where to find it and what to be aware of. Part 1 discussed the non-commercial gay sex scene and Part 2 covered the obvious bars and massage parlours side of the commercial scene. This part gives an overview of the more covert part of the commercial sex business – freelance hustlers.

Gay Guys in Chiang Mai

You can find gay guys all over Chiang Mai as we described in Part 1. Whilst many of these guys just want sex, often they appreciate some reward, especially when they encounter older foreigners. A few are out and out money boys, straight or gay but either way, only in it for pay. It takes a little skill and experience to spot whether your new friend is more interested in you or your wallet. As well as the bars, venues and the internet we described previously, there are places in Chiang Mai where it is easy to find freelancers.

The advantage of taking hosts “off” from bars is the bar knows who they are and you have some limited comeback if there are problems e.g. if they steal from you. In particular, many of the Shan guys working go-go have work permits linked to their bars and the bar owners are responsible for them. If they get fired they also risk deportation back to Burma. This doesn’t provide any absolute guarantees about your safety; when taking someone off from a bar, always exercise caution and practice safe sex. But, taking bar hosts is much safer than going with Chiang Mai’s many freelancers. Some of these can be dangerous and it is entirely at your own risk.

Shan Boy 1Shan Boy 2Shan Boy 3Shan Boy 4

Some of the cute Shan Hustlers that hang round the Garden bar

So where can you find Freelancers? Although not as many guys here now as in years past, the safest place is still around Adam’s Apple and the Garden Bar. The guys here are almost all from the same Shan gang and friends of the guys working in the host bars. They are monitored closely by the local coterie who run the bars, the Shan mafia and the bar owners themselves, both of whom are foreigners (bad boys get a one way ticket to Loi Tai Leng) .

The Garden Bar is run professionally and monitored by CCTV. The bar staff can give you advice about the different guys who hang around. Of course, there are still a few bad Apples (no pun intended) so always exercise caution. Be aware that most of these guys are from Burma and many have no ID. There is still one reliable regular at the garden bar, the world famous “Mr Chippendale”, Chiang Mai’s hardest working boy, who tries to earn a place in the heart and wallet of every visiting Farang! [N.B. sorry to disappoint but the nickname is not because of his body ;) ]

At greater risk are the Freelancer’s from Chiang Mai’s notorious Sleaze Alley. Whilst these bars are O.K. to visit for a drink, especially C.U. Bar which is the gayest, great caution is required with the guys here. The hustlers come from a variety of different hill tribe and other ethnic groups, including Akha, Lisu, Mussur (Lahu) and Shan. This causes frequent problems and gang fights along tribal lines are not uncommon, moreover, the gangs are protective of their own and it’s hard to know who is who, or trace people afterwards if problems do occur. Many of the guys have no ID and underage has been a recurring problem here, as has drug abuse.

CU Bar

Business has been very poor for months and the bar owners appear to be a somewhat disparate group of competitors fighting each other for survival, with evidently little interest in cleaning the place up for the common good. This is also reflected in the abysmal state of shared facilities such as the toilets!

One scam we’ve heard of is newbies being charged an “off fee” by some bars, even though the freelancer is nothing to do with the bar and they certainly won’t want to know afterwards if any problems occur (N.B. Bar staff employed by the bar are different and you can expect to be charged if they leave before they’ve finished work). Another risk is the underage “honey trap” scam, this is not un-heard of and will cost you dearly.

If you do decide to leave with any of the guys from Sleaze Alley, ask for a character reference from one of the few old sex-pat barflies who are always there (easy to spot – look for the bottle of Sangsom on the bar ;) ). Their advice is more valuable than that of the other guys or bar staff who may only tell you what they think you want to hear. We have more information in our other articles too: Travel Warning and The dangers of living in Chiang Mai

Sleaze Alley BoySleaze Alley Boy2

Freelance Hustler's at Chiang Mai's Sleaze Alley

Most dangerous of all are the freelancers who hang around on the street at Thapae Gate (inside the moat opposite Moonmunag Soi 4) or down on the riverside near the flower market. Kateoys or Lady Boys may be found around Thapae Gate and Loy Kroh road too. These are absolutely at your own risk and you are potentially setting yourself up for all sorts of trouble.

Plenty of freelancers can be found on too, even though many appear to be looking for sex only, once you start chatting it will soon become apparent there is another agenda.

If you do meet strangers a few basic rules of common sense apply:

  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash, or flash cash around.
  • Don’t take expensive watches, jewellery, cameras, phones, laptops or other gadgets out with you. Make sure they are locked in your hotel safe.
  • Try to find out about your new friends reputation before going anywhere alone with them. E.g. by asking bar staff or other customers.
  • Let someone know where you are going if you go off with a stranger.
  • Chiang Mai has many “short time” hotels which are great for entertaining new friends. Prices for an hour or two will be around 100-200Bt.
  • Check the guys I.D. if he has one and BE CERTAIN he is over eighteen
  • If you stay at a hotel, have reception hold your friends ID and check with you before returning it.

Most importantly, please be aware that drug abuse is rife among male sex workers in Chiang Mai and the use of YaaBaa is endemic. YaaBaa (In Thai means Crazy Medicine) is a Class A drug also known as methamphetamine is produced in vast quantities across the border in Burma and available cheaply. The local version also includes some opiates making it addictive. It causes significant abnormal behavioural changes and removes inhibitions. Whilst this can have some sexual benefits, these are often counteracted by erectile dysfunction, another side effect. The major downside is an increased propensity for aggressive and anti-social behaviour such as theft or assault, especially if mixed with alcohol.

Shan Boy 6

The Police do conduct raids on places such as Sleaze Alley and carry out on the spot urine tests which give an instant indication of drug use. They also setup roadblocks around town and test people they are suspicious of. The usual minimum penalty for first time offence is forty five days in a Thai Jail, or several years for someone actually caught in possession of the drug.

Apart from stating the obvious – DON’T DO DRUGS – if you do intend to meet with freelancers learn to spot the signs of Yaabaa use. Typical symptoms include hyperactivity, talking incessantly or aggressively, an inability to sit still and persistent finger or foot tapping, teeth grinding and repetitive behaviour. Dilated eyes with a glazed over look are another sign. Yaabaa is an appetite suppressant so an obvious symptom of long term abuse is significant weight loss and gaunt facial features along with acne. Long term abuse can lead to psychotic effects similar to schizophrenia.


The other major taboo in Chiang Mai is foreigners having sex with boys under the age of eighteen. If you get caught you will have serious problems and may be prosecuted both in Thailand, where penalties are severe, and your home country.

It is a crime for foreigners to have sex with someone under 18 in Thailand

No Sex OffendersPedophile arrest

Severe penalties await foreigners who have sex with guys under eighteen

Many of the freelancers in town are under age and often have been trafficked into prostitution. You can read more about this in our article – Survival Sex which includes a video on child sex abuse and trafficking in Chiang Mai.

For those who still think it’s OK to abuse children please watch the following Video: Journey into the child sex trade is an animation produced by HOTS. The artwork and story was produced by street children in Chiang Mai. The animation tells the harrowing story of a boy’s journey into the commercial sex trade.

Finally, remember the rate of HIV infection is especially high among freelance sex workers, particularly those without Thai ID who have little access to medical services , counselling and advice. To avoid unwanted holiday souvenirs be sure to use a condom!

We hope the articles in this series have provided useful information. If you want to express any opinion on them, or the issues raised, please leave a comment.

Please be aware that prostitution is illegal in Thailand in accordance with the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act, B.E. 2539 (1996) This article is for information purposes only, it is not an incitement to commit illegal acts and readers are responsible for their own actions. Please refer to the terms and conditions of use for this website. Please also note that, in Thailand, the penalties for foreigners having sex with someone under the age of eighteen are severe.

Adams Apple ClubSantitham Guest House

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  1. hakan says:

    1. mr ice still works at nmw ?
    2. who is that fomous mr chipendale at the garden bar? i plan to stay at lotus.

We’re almost in to November, the magnificent cool season weather is with us and party time starts next week with the Loy Kratong festival which proclaims the start of the high season for tourists. First time gay visitors to Chiang Mai are often not quite sure what to expect. Their pre-conceptions of the gay scene in Thailand will likely have been set by previous visits to the decadent go-go bar scenes of Soi Twilight or Bozytown, or places like Silom’s DJ station and Babylon. Yet everything else they read about Chiang Mai informs them of an ancient city of culture, temples, and a laid back, peaceful lifestyle. So what can they expect?

This article is the first in a short series providing an introduction to gay sex in Chiang Mai; how and where to find it and what to expect. This first part will cover the non-commercial scene. Part two will cover the commercial scene host bars, Karoke and massage and part three will cover freelance hustlers.

Non Commercial sex scene

Wandering around Chiang Mai you’ll soon get the impression there are more than the average percentage of gays in the local population, especially students attending the many local colleges and universities. They’re everywhere: in the big shopping malls, coffee shops, night markets and other student hang outs all over town. What you won’t find, is the big gay scene with gay discos and clubs that are common place in the western world. Here gay people are accepted and haven’t grown up with much homophobia and prejudice. Gays go out to bars and clubs with friends, of all sexual persuasions without issue, for Thais there is little demand for gay specific venues.

Inevitably, some places are more popular with young gay Thais; top of the list is “Mandalay Bar”, a huge Thai style club with live music in the old city nicknamed Mandagay. Another is “Warm Up” on the trendy Nimandahemin Road frequented by more affluent students, there are plenty of other fun bars in this area too. Whilst crowded with local gays, for the visitor, unless from the younger generation and going with friends, your fun in these places maybe limited to watching others enjoy themselves!

Warm Up CafeMandalay Bar

These two articles Guide to night clubs in Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai Nightlife have information on some of Chiang Mai’s other nightclubs/discos though we don’t entirely agree with some of their assessments. Fabrique is not attractive for gay people, Spicy which has moved to a new location used to be popular with the late night gay crowd but recent reports say it’s becoming quite homophobic. Infinity is cool and it’s right round the corner from the fun Tawan Deang and the chic Chalerm Krung. Bubble re-opens officially tonight, this was another popular place with gays with a mixture of people having fun and hustlers, but died a death. Time will tell if the gay crowd returns. Hot Shots (upstairs from Bubble) has always remained open and retained a small gay following. Check out our Chiang Mai Gay Map to find these and other venues.

If you want to go to these, and many similar places, make some Thai friends elsewhere and get them to take you. Visiting one of the non-commercial scene gay bars such as Soho Bar, or Yokkadok and chatting with the friendly staff is one way of getting introductions.

Another great way to meet gay guys is It’s extremely popular with Thai guys in Chiang Mai so it shouldn’t take you long to hook up! If you don’t have a lap-top or internet gadget there are plenty of internet cafés all over Chiang Mai. Two notes of caution, firstly follow the Saftey Guidelines and secondly, you might avoid taking your new friend to known gay places. A lot of guys you meet online are well known around town and you could save you or him some embarrassment ;) .

Yokka Dok

Yokka Dok Bar - the only gay bar inside the old city

A good afternoon or evening’s relaxation and some fun can be found at Chiang Mai’s two gay saunas, both accommodated in quaint old Lanna Style Teak Houses. “Club One Seven”, which is also a Guest House, enjoys a picturesque setting on the river south of the city centre. Whereas, Chiang Mai institution “House of Male” can be found behind the “Kad Suan Kaew” shopping mall. Tuesday’s “Buddy Night” at House of Male, where two get in for the price of one, is particularly popular with students.

Club One Seven

The pool at Club One Seven

In the next part of this series we will look at the Commercial Gay venues in Chiang Mai. Meanwhile, enjoy Chiang Mai and don’t forget to play safe. Remember the rate of HIV infection is relatively high among gay people here, some suggest especially among those who frequent Saunas, to avoid unwanted holiday souvenirs be sure to use a condom and practice safe sex!

Adams Apple ClubRadchada Garden Café

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The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre has launched

Adam's Love Logo - Men who have sex with Men

Adam’s Love, Thailand’s Official MSM website is the source of HIV/AIDS information for Men who have Sex with Men in Thailand. It includes a wealth of information on HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, prevention, treatment, care and support as well as teaching safe sexual practices for gay men and peer support chat groups for those living with HIV.

To keep the site interesting for it’s gay audience other attractive content such as Fashion photography, videos, images, podcasts, and art posters are provided. Current articles include an interview with Tawatchai Deepattana, editor of attitude Magazine Thailand and images from the Fashion Show and Party held earlier this month at Trio Sauna.

In an address on the website, Prof. Emeritus Praphan Phanuphak, the Director of Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre said:

Apparently many people think that the AIDS problem is not complex, as it seems not very difficult to prevent; just don’t be promiscuous and always have safe sex or keep away from drugs, and that’s it. However, many people still live their lives at risk; by having unsafe sex and sabotaging their lives with drugs. Many don’t even know they are HIV positive and unintentionally pass on the disease to others because they never received a blood test. This is one of the main reasons AIDS continues to be spread.

In Chiang Mai anonymous testing is available from the Thai Red Cross Clinic at Wichayanon Rd on the river near Nakorn Ping Bridge between US consulate and Warowot Market. They have an HIV centre upstairs on the second floor, separate from the normal reception, and have people there who will provide support and guidance as well as the test itself. You can get results in 24 hours for about 100 Baht, or within 30 mins for about 200 Baht. See our Gay Map of Chiang Mai for location.

M Plus Thailand is a non-profit organization based in Chiang-Mai, Thailand, which works primarily to promote sexual health for men who have sex with men (MSM).

Radchada Garden CaféMansfield Residence

The local centre for disease control today announced new measures for reducing the incidence of HIV infection in male sex workers. Within 6 months all male sex workers must undergo mandatory circumcision as studies have now shown this greatly reduces the chances of HIV transmission during sex.

All workers currently employed in go-go bars, massage parlors and similar venues must submit to the operation within the time period, and after that date any new entrants to the business must be cut before they are allowed to start working. The six month period for implementation will allow current workers to stagger the timing of the operation as it is expected they will have to refrain from work for four weeks to allow recovery.

Once the deadline has passed health inspectors will regularly visit such establishments and inspect all penises for compliance. Any found to be un-circumcised will be offered the opportunity to be cut on the spot or fined up to ten thousand baht. The on the spot circumcisions will be free but performed without anesthetic to reduce costs, and to offer an incentive to comply with the law as the on the spot solution will be considerably painful.

To maximise the benefits the guidelines suggest that as much of the foreskin as possible should be removed and recommend that the Gomco clamp be used to make the job as neat as possible.

GomCo Clamp Gomco Clamp in use

Gomco Clamp and it’s use for adult circumcision.

It is also required that the frenulem be removed and the aim is to get the scar as close to the glans as possible for maximum aesthetic effect. Boys who are already registered sex workers will be able to get the operation done at a discounted rate of 500 Bt in government hospitals. Some may opt to get it done privately using other methods, but that will be at their expense. At least one Go-Go bar in Chiang Mai is understood to be negotiating with a local hospital to get a discount rate for block bookings.

As well as the obvious HIV health benefits circumcision is know to virtually eliminate incidence of penile cancer. The new measures are expected to produce benefits for the customer too. The total removal of all the foreskin and frenulem eliminates many nerve endings and sensation meaning, the boys will take much longer to ejaculate and give better value for money. Whilst some customers are said to welcome the move, others, particularly Americans, are very disappointed as coming to Thai land and finding men with foreskins is a great treat for many who lost their’s during infancy.

Asked if making circumcision mandatory was an infringement of civil liberties a spokesman responded, “this is not something mandated for the whole population, only for male sex workers, if they want to work in the industry”. He went on, “it is our duty to do what we can to reduce the spread of HIV and this small cut has big benefits”.

We asked a couple of guys from a local massage parlour what they thought. One said, “if it reduces the risk of me becoming infected with HIV I will get it done straight away after Songkran, since it will be low season then and leave time for healing”. Another complained, “I don’t think its fair that they will make us do this, I’m sure it will be very painful, especially using the clamp”. “I know it is quicker and cheaper for the government but I will probably pay to get it done privately using the freehand method as i heard that leaves less scarring”. He went on, “it also means I will loose four weeks money whilst waiting for it to heal, though it’s not just the money but also being unable to masturbate that will be the real disadvantage”. Another friend was more pragmatic, “I have a problem with premature ejaculation and my girlfriend will be pleased if it improves that”. “But sometimes it’s an advantage when you have an ugly old, fat, farang customer if you can get it over with very quickly”, he quipped.

The new law is expected to spark an increase in the amulet trade as many boys have their foreskins encapsulated as a souvenir which is believed to promote virility.

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  1. christianpfc says:

    I think this is not funny, jokes about circumcision are tasteless.

MPLUS Thailand is an organisation dedicated to HIV/Aids prevention with the Chiang Mai gay community and among Male Sex Workers.

Sadly, there are still some HIV positive Farangs who visit sex establishments in Chiang Mai and think it’s OK to share their conditions with others. The video below, produced by MPLUS is dedicated to them and their selfish behaviour.

Animation for Male Sex Worker HIV/AIDS Outreach and Prevention Eng Subtitles Mplus Thailand

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