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Santitham Re-awakens

Oxide Pub Chiang Mai

Santitham is an area of Chiang Mai popular for both gay and non-gay night-life and entertainment. Now the students are back, the bars, restaurants, clubs and live music venues are all busy. Read out update including some new gay owned bars.

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Cocktail Boy Party

Adam’s Apple, Chiang Mai’s best known gay club, will be having a sexy cocktail boy party on Saturday 23rd August. If you wanna find out more about the Cocktail boys you’d better be there.

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Adam’s Apple Club’s Sexy Boys

Adams Apple Gay Bar Football 11

The sexy go-go boys from Adam’s Apple Club Chiang Mai had a day out at the lake. See them running around shirtless enjoying a game of football.

SohoBon Tong productions

It’s August and it’s raining!

A good crowd in at Ram Bar for their Friday night live music and entertainment.

It’s that time of year again in Chiang Mai, rainy season! After an above average rainfall in July we’re now in August, usually one of the wettest months. Time then for a quick update on life in gay Chiang Mai, and where to go on a rainy night.

Radchada Garden Café

Masked Party

Friday 26th july – Masked Party at Adam’s Apple Club

Club one SevenAdams Apple Club

USA Independence Day Party

Adam’s Apple Club Celebrate Independence Day ADAM’s APPLE CLUB will celebrate on Friday 4th July “Happy Independence Day”. Have fun with us and enjoy this unique Party with our handsome and sexy heroes. A lot of hot Boys waiting for you!

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Tarzan Night

Saturday 21st June is Tarzan Night at Adam’s Apple Club, Chiang Mai’s best known Gay Club. Go and watch the Jungle boys in action with this great fun packed theme night and special show. Party time is 10.00 p.m.

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A Busy Weekend in June

tarzan at adams

Although, with the effects of the curfew, the city has been quieter than usual over the last few weeks, there is certainly a lot happening this weekend at various gay venues.

Radchada Garden CaféRAM Bar

Gay Chiangmai after the Curfew

K.Note from radchada Garden Cafe with some of the boys at G-Star this Saturday night

Chiang Mai’s gay bars head towards normality Finally, at the end of last week, the Thai government lifted the midnight curfew that had been in place for more than three weeks since 22nd May, after the military takeover. This meant the city was again able to return to some sort of normality, including Chiang Mai’s […]

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Chiang Mai – Coups, Soldiers and Parties

Guardian Angel

Coup Situation Update It has now been a week since the Thai Military took control of the government and, much to the relief of many gay businesses, the curfew restrictions have been relaxed but not yet removed. After six days of a 10 p.m. curfew, last night this was changed with the new curfew hours […]

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