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Common Massage

Venue is massage
Recommended - Friend of Radchada


A well-established, popular gay massage house, offering massage for men by men in a spacious and private setting. Various massage package available from 1-2 hours of relaxing cream or oil by handsome professionally trained masseurs.

  • Indoor/Outdoor : indoor
  • Air-conditioned : yes
  • Parking : yes
  • Style : gay
  • Hours : 12 midday - 11 p.m.

From the owner:

Common Massage is a well-established, popular gay Massage in Chiang Mai. It is the perfect place to relax in the peaceful and stress free environment of our beautiful massage shop decorated with a traditional Thai Lanna style.

Common Massage is an exclusively gay massage house by men for men, for those who prefer spacious and private setting. Staffed by professionally trained and attentative masseurs. We have many handsome young male masseurs who can provide a variety of massage services for gay men. There are various massage package available from 1-2 hours of relaxing cream or oil massage service by well-trained staff in private treatment rooms. Our male staffs take delight in maximizing your sensual pleasure and ensure that you will receive the best massage you've ever had.

Common Massage is conveniently located in the Santitham district of Chiang Mai close to gay hotels, guesthouses and bars. An outcall service is also available.

For more information and pictures of our selection of attractive male massage staff follow Common massage on facebook

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Map Title

Address : 27/4 Hussadhisawee Road

Telephone :

Mobile : 0622522562

27/4 Hussadhisawee Road, Tambon Changpuak, Chaingmai, Thailand. Opposit 7-11

27/4 หัสวดีเสวี ตรงข้ามเซเว่น

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Gay Massage Boys in Chiang Mai – Handsome and sexy guys in this gallery of massage boys from Common Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Common Massage in Santitham is one of Chiang Mai’s most popular gay massage shops.

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Common Massage – Updated Opening Hours

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Common Massage, one of Chiang Mai’s most popular gay massage shops have updated their opening times. You can now have a relaxing gay massage with one of their handsome massage boys until midnight.

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Sexy Boys at Common Massage

Common Massage in Chiang Mai have some very cute and handsome massage boys working at their shop in the Santitham area. Check out this gallery of very attractive young guys who are waiting for you. If you want a gay massage there is something sexy here for everyone

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