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LGBT activism and gay rights as well as LGBT social group activities.

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Your LGBT group needs you

Chiang Mai LGBT Group dinner and meeting at The Pub. Following a survey of LGBT people in Chiang Mai, the group is looking to pursue new directions. Come along and have your say.

Club one SevenMaya Club

Chiang Mai LGBT Group

LGBT Rainbow Flag

The Chiang Mai LGBT group has been seeking a new leader since David announced he was stepping down last year. Have they finally found someone to take up the mantle?

Club one SevenRAM Bar

Chiang Mai LGBT Group – David’s last event

Chiang Mai Ex-pAt CLub – LGBT Group We received the following from group leader David Cartwright. David is standing down as group leader you can read more in this article. Dear Members & Friends, As mentioned last month I am giving up the leadership of the CM LGBT Group, effective this month. As a final […]

Club one SevenRAM Bar

Chiang Mai LGBT Group – Event and New leader

LGBT Rainbow Flag

The Chiang Mai LGBT Group is looking for a new leader after David Cartwright announced in December that he will stand down. There will be a farewell event on 28th January, and nominations or volunteers for a new leader will be most welcome.

Club one SevenMaya Club

The Chiang Mai Gay Scene- A 2017 perspective

The Chiang Mai gay scene in 2017. This article takes a look first at gay trends worldwide and then more specifically Chiang Mai to see what’s changed, what’s gone, what’s new and what is the future for gay Chiang Mai.

RAM BarMaya Club

LGBT Group Dining Out Night

The 9th event of the Chiang Mai LGBT group dining out night at Casa Diverso restaurant on Thursday, 29th October at 7 p.m for pre dinner drinks before 7.30p.m. dinner. This will be their 2nd visit to this restaurant following a highly successful and much enjoyed evening back in April. Casa Diverso has a great […]

Secrets BarMaya Club

Gentle Hike at Huay Tung Tao Lake

Huai Tung Thao Lake

The next event for the Chiang Mai LGBT Group will be a gentle hike and lunch at the picturesque Huay Tung Tao Lake on Saturday 1st August 2015.

Secrets BarMaya Club

LGBT Group Meeting

Hi and Hello to all CM LGBT Group Members and Friends, both new and old! I thought it about time we held another meeting – boring though they are sometimes (!) as we’ve now had 4 different events: a dining out night; a twilight concert; a gentle hike and a movie show – and we […]

RAM BarSecrets Bar

LGBT Group Movie Night – “Pride”

A screening of Pride by BBC Films The 4th event of the CM LGBT Group will be a showing of the highly acclaimed 2014 movie “PRIDE”. Movie Synopsis Here as a brief the synopsis for the movie, courtesy of the BBC: “It’s the summer of 1984 – Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National […]

Secrets BarCommon Massage

February ends with parties

As cool season draws to a close and temperatures rise in Chiang Mai, February goes out with a bang. Check out our round up of events for the end of February.

Secrets BarCommon Massage

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