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Paedophile’s Dirty Laundry

On 8 January Thai Police Region 5 held a Press Conference announcing the arrest of a pimp allegedly supplying young boys to foreign gay paedophiles in Chiang Mai. This followed the arrest last September of a US citizen.

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Whatever Happened to…. Part 2

Down at the Night Bazaar A walk down memory lane Some while back we started an occasional series of articles called “what happened to” reflecting on places and personalities from gay Chiang Mai of years gone by (read: “whatever happened to part 1 and other gay Chiang Mai history”). Despite having accumulated a wealth of […]

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Child sex abuse and Trafficking in Chiang Mai

Child sex abuse seems to have become the hot topic of the moment with several events occurring that have bought this subject to the forefront globally. In the US, in operation Sunflower one hundred twenty-three victims of child sexual exploitation were identified by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE). Law enforcement agencies arrested 245 individuals […]

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Alleged Pedophile arrested in Chiang Mai

Suspected Pedophile – German national nicknamed Klaus Dracula apprehended in child protection operation Days like yesterday make me feel slightly embarrassed. Firstly, embarrassed by the hideous, henious and self indulgent actions of other gay people that give gays everywhere a bad name. The world’s homophobes love nothing more than a good gay pedophile story to […]

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Chiang Mai and Gay Sex – Part 3

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Commercial Gay Scene – Freelancers This is the third and final part of our series on Gay Sex in Chiang Mai; where to find it and what to be aware of. Part 1 discussed the non-commercial gay sex scene and Part 2 covered the obvious bars and massage parlours side of the commercial scene. This […]

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Survival sex: Child Sexual Abuse in Chiang Mai Gay Venues

Survival sex refers to a type of prostitution that goes beyond simply trying to earn a living. Throughout the world, regardless of the north/south divide, there are women and men who are forced to prostitute themselves as a matter of course: their very survival depends upon it. In this You-Tube video, Steve Sandford, a professorial […]

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