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Whatever Happened to…….. Part 1

After doing a few site updates we noticed how long the list of closed venues is getting, so we thought it would be fun to do an article taking a light hearted look at whatever happened to some of the old places and personalities from Chiang Mai’s gay scene of yesteryear. It quickly became apparent […]

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Recent updates to Chiang Mai Gay Guide

We’ve recently made many small updates to the Radchada Café gay guide to Chiang Mai. Mostly minor changes to improve the site and performance but there are a couple of venue updates too. Main updates are the closure of Powerboys Go-Go bar and new management at Soho bar. Go check out the details.

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Sex in the City – Thai Puan July 2011

The July Issue of Thai Puan, the free Gay Thailand community magazine, is now available at gay venues in Chiang Mai. This edition includes an article about Chiang Mai – “Sex in the city” describing where to go for some fun in the city. You can also read

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Site Updates

A few recent updates on the site – mainly adding links: Chiang Mai’s go-go bars have been keeping the web designers happy with three new sites: We’ve added a link to the Gay Button web forum. Also, in support of our many Tai Yai or Shan friends who work in Chiang Mai’s […]

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Powerboys Update

We are pleased to report Powerboys is really open again under completely new management and, we understand, now a completely separate business from the Lavender Lanna Hotel where it is located in the basement.  They seem to be more interested in targetting Thai customers, though several Farangs have reported good things about it. Powerboys has […]

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Power Boys and the death knell of high season

As the mercury climbs and the smog descends the death knell of the “high Season” has sounded in Chiang Mai for another year. With only the occasional summer thunderstorm to bring any respite to the city, many of the resident Farangs are ending their winter sojourn and heading back to the budding spring climate of […]

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