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Moving, Closing, Reopening and Refurbishment

Quite a few recent updates to our Gay Guide to Chiang Mai in recent days and weeks. Here is a summary

Moved: Secrets Bar and CU Bar

Effective today these Secrets Bar and CU Bar have moved to a new location on the moat. Read More: Night Bazaar – End of an Era


Yokadok seems to have closed it doors for good. Newcomer, X-change club which only opened a few months ago seems to have disappeared before we even visited! Spirit House is closed for refurbishment and currently scheduled to re-open on 1st May 2014

Reopened after Refurbishment

Several of Chiang Mai’s late night gay venues have had a face lift or change of ownership. Barocco Karaoke re-opened at the End of January whilst last month saw the re-opening of Relax Karaoke and See Man Pub. Read More: Late night fun refurbished


Whilst most of Chiang Mai’s traditional gay bars are predominantly the domain of older westerners, many younger gay Thai’s prefer to socialise in straight or rather mixed venues and clubs. The “Gay Ghetto” mentality that many westerners grew up with simply doesn’t exist in Thailand. Accordingly we’ve added a few of the straighter places that are popular with gay Thai boys to our late night disco and club guide

Keeping the Gay Guide Up to Date

If you know of any errors or omissions in our listings please let us know using our gay listings update form. We are always pleased to hear from both customers and business owners alike.

SohoHouse of Male

Late night fun refurbished

Author: BonTong 28 Mar 2014

The Late Night Scene is where Gay is happening in Chiangmai

Whilst for many gay foreigners visiting and living in Chiang Mai, the gay scene revolves around the usual few western orientated bars and restaurants, there is a much bigger Thai late night scene with which few foreigners seem to engage. These are the real gay places where Thai’s go to enjoy themselves, often until dawn.

Mandalay BarTo a certain extent, the “gay Scene”, as perceived from a western viewpoint doesn’t really exist here. Gay Thais just go to normal places with their friends gay and straight without having a strong need for the old fashioned “gay bar”. At any given time, some places are more “in” than others but generally gays can be found in bars restaurants and clubs all over town. But, all that changes as the clock approaches midnight; when many places are closing up for the night the Thai gay crowd rushes on mass to get a table in one of the several places they can call their own.

Previously, the biggest haunt in town was Mandalay bar in the old city (now known as sign- in); a massive Thai style place with thumping music and packed with cute young things until well into early morning. But, all that changed a couple of years ago with first the opening of See Man Pub, followed last year by the very professionally run Bangkok import, G-Star Vintage.

G-Star Vintage

Chaing Mai’s most popular gay venue

Since it opened G-Star, has become the indisputable queen of the Chiang Mai gay scene and has left the competition way behind. This latest member of the G-star family opened just in time for Songkran last year and will soon be celebrating its one year anniversary. G-Star Vintage enjoys an ideal location in a quiet side soi off Chottana Road, with a large adjacent parking lot making it easy for even the more reticent gay guys to slip in and out un-noticed. G-Star’s home in Chiang Mai is an old building that has been substantially renovated, and used to be the city hall making it easy to locate (just tell the tuk-tuk Amphur Gao!)

The G-Star formula for success is a mix of show, ladyboys and some very handsome Coyote Boy dancers, interspersed with some loud dance music. In common with many venues there is no dance floor as such, rather, everyone stands in groups around tall tables, and move to the rhythm if they are so inclined.

G-Star Vintage Chiang Mai

Karaoke – Red is the new Black!

Meanwhile, as G-Star went from strength to strength, the rest of the late night scene, was in the doldrums at the end of last year and has been re-inventing itself. Both of the main Karaoke bars, Barocco and Relax were closed for renovation, as was See Man Pub, the main alternative to G-Star with a similar formula.

First to open its doors in January was Barocco, now under the management of Pon, of CU Bar fame, apart from a coat of paint little has changed here and his large circle of friends seem to be keeping the place occupied. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been.

Last week then saw the re-opening of Chiang Mai’s oldest and most popular gay Karaoke, Relax. This stalwart of the scene for many years has been fully refurbished. OK its still dark, but much more red and reflective than before, making it feel more spacious. With new, much more comfortable seating we are sure the new Relax will prove to be as popular as ever. Read more about life on the dark side in Chiang Mai’s most fun bar.

See Man Pub Re-opens

Lastly, it remains to be seen how things will be at See Man Pub which is finally scheduled to re-open tonight after a prolonged refurbishment. Their original re-opening and two year anniversary was set for early February but they suffered a major setback as a result of a fire sparked by construction work. Apparently the club has been totally redesigned with a new layout, new show and some great looking dancers.

See Man Pub Chiang Mai

See Man Pub Chiang Mai

Table Plan - See Man Pub Chiang Mai

Santitham Guest HouseBPB Property

Commercial Gay Scene – Go-Go Bars, Karaoke and Massage

With high season kicking in this week in Chiang Mai, and Loy krthong only days away, this is part two of our series about where to find gay sex in Chiang Mai, and what to expect if you are a first time visitor here. This part looks at the commercial gay sex scene: Go-Go bars, Karaoke and massage. The final part will cover freelance hustlers.

So, what’s available for the horny gay visitor, with high expectations of a vibrant commercial sex scene? Chiang Mai’s four Go-Go bars, Adam’s Apple, Free Guy, New My Way and Circle Pub, are best described with the cliché “same same but different”. Though none are real Go-Go bars, but rather host bars with shows, they all have similar types of guy working there, who are almost exclusively Shan from Burma (see later), and prices are similar”. Hosts are dressed in street clothes (Jeans, T shirt) or shirt and tie style uniforms rather than skimpy underwear. The shows run for an hour or two. Quantity and quality depends on the number of customers and available guys so can vary a lot from night to night. There are no live sex shows though most include some nudity and some Lady Boy cabaret acts: typically sequined frocks and lip syncing to big diva songs.
But there are differences:

Chiang Mai Male Go-Go Bars

Adam’s Apple Club
Chiang Mai’s oldest host bar, originally conceived by Mohammad, a charismatic and worldly wise Lebanese entrepreneur, who put gay bars on the map in Chiang Mai. He is still proprietor of the gay “Lotus Hotel” across the road, with its popular “Garden Bar” and restaurant.

Entrance to Adam’s Apple

After being closed several years for a complete rebuild and makeover “Adam ’s Apple” is now owned by Todd, an outgoing American from L.A. who’s personality defines the club. It’s smart, with a modern, almost clinically clean environment and atmosphere, state of the art light and sound systems and smooth service. The show includes several cabaret routines with some of Chiangmai’s better Katoey acts, some nude go-go, with one or two boys dancing, and erotic dance sequences with nudity. It’s always been popular with tourists given its long reputation and foreigner ownership. But, Thai customers like it too, especially weekend visitors from Bangkok

Todd – The man behind Adam’s Apple

Circle Pub

For Thai customers this is Chiang Mai’s premier club and has several muscle boy staff that appeal to both the Thai Gays and Thai ladies who flock there at weekends. Although smart and clean, the décor is rather chintzy. Professionally run it has a slick show with two performances a night, but the prices are on the high side. It is possibly the least appealing bar for foreigners unless you want muscle guys.

Circle Pub

The stage at Circle Pub - glittering for show time

Free Guy
“Free guy” is the most laid back club, replacing proficient management with fun and smiles. Their biggest claim is “no ladyboys” and the show is all boy next door types, with almost every act being a more or less imaginative scenario for the participants to remove their clothes and demonstrate what they have to offer! The catwalk style stage makes sure everyone gets a great view and between acts they have three boys Go-Go dancing in sexy underwear.

Free Guy Sexy Go-go

“Free Guys’” Show now starts at 10:00 p.m. and recent reports all say it’s fun with lot’s of new bar boys.

New My Way
Re-modelled for last year’s high season, performers now descend down some stairs onto the stage, “New My Way” is always a lively place. The show is long, from about 10 p.m. to midnight, and has a variety of cabaret, erotic nude acts and dancing. The show also has a couple of new surprises. “New My Way” is quite compact which makes it always seem full and adds to a good atmosphere.

For addresses and more details of Host Bars and other venues check out our map, or visit www.radchada.com

Chiang Mai Male Karaoke Bars

Another choice which is open later than the go-go bars is Karaoke. We recommend Barocco or Relax where the drinks are at normal prices, though the drink selection is very Thai: limited to large beers or whiskey bottle/mixer sets. Both have a large selection of waiters you can “off”; they also have many gay Thai customers some of whom are keen to meet foreigners. These places don’t get busy until after midnight. You can read more about Relax – the most fun gay bar in Chaing Mai here

Bar Boys and the Shan State

One surprise for visitors to Chiang Mai, which makes the commercial sex scene stand out from places like Bangkok and Pattaya is that there are very few Thai guys working in Chiang Mai’s bars. Nearly all the bar boys are Shan refugees from nearby Burma (Myanmar), in particular from the Shan state, the South Eastern part of Burma bordering Thailand, Laos and China. If you plan to meet guys from Chiang Mai’s commercial bars it is worth taking some time to understand about Shan people, as you’ll soon find out, they are not the same as Thais, and we mean that in a good way.

Ethnically the Shan people are part of the Tai group which has origins spreading from Yunnan province in China. They are also known as Tai Yai (Meaning Big Tai). They Speak their own language, Shan, and have a rich culture which is quite different to Thai. They seem more muscular, with harder more masculine facial features when compared with the softer, sometimes almost effeminate appearance of the classic Northern Thai male.

Sexy Shan Boys

Sexy Guys from The Shan State

Part of the Golden Triangle, the Shan state was for years under the control of Opium Drug Lords, such as Khun Sa, and remains one of the most lawless and dangerous parts of Burma far from Yangon (Rangoon) and Napyidaw (the new capital). Military forces of the ruling Junta have renewed clashes with the Shan State Army and the United Wa State Army. A common tactic of the Junta is to destroy whole Shan villages killing those who can’t flee, or detaining them as forced labour. The result: a mass influx of Shan into Northern Thailand, with a steady migration to refugee camps along the border and then to Chiang Mai, the nearest urban centre, in search of work.

Their persecution doesn’t end here as they are tolerated but not welcomed or appreciated by the Thai authorities. A source of cheap labour for Chiang Mai’s virulent construction industry, many are paid only 150 Bt ($5) for a day’s hard labour, and are constant targets of Police harassment. No wonder scores of young Shan males try to make a living in Chiang Mai’s gay bars, even though most are straight and gay people are not accepted by Shan culture in the way Thai culture embraces them. Few speak any English so it’s hard to ask those you meet in the bars about their backgrounds and personal stories, many of which are quite horrific.

You can find out more about the Shan in our other articles, or by following links on our side bar to various Shan and Burma websites such as Shanland.org.

Massage for Men by Men

If host bars and Karaoke aren’t your thing an alternative is gay massage parlours, of which there is an abundance spread across town so there’s plenty of choice. See our guide for details www.radchada.com this currently lists seventeen venues that are good for a massage with the all-important Happy Ending :).

Blue Club Gay Massage In Chiang Mai

Facilities at the Blue's Club Massage for Men in Chiang Mai

You can also check out our other articles on the male massage scene in Chiangmai here. Compared with the host bars, you will find many more gay Thai guys working in the massage places and they are very willing to please you. Local gays are quite shy about working in host bars where they may be spotted by friends and peers, whereas massage places are discreet with lower visibility.

That concludes the second part of this series. The final article will look at where to find freelancers and the risks involved.

Please be aware that prostitution is illegal in Thailand in accordance with the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act, B.E. 2539 (1996) This article is for information purposes only, it is not an incitement to commit illegal acts and readers are responsible for their own actions. Please refer to the terms and conditions of use for this website. Please also note that, in Thailand, the penalties for foreigners having sex with someone under the age of eighteen are severe.

Sabbai DeeBPB Property

Bar News

Author: Gay Chiangmai 5 Sep 2011

Where have all the tourists gone? That is the question many are asking themselves, especially down at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar in the row of outdoor beer bars known locally as “sleaze alley”, due to the area’s past reputation for it’s freelance underage street kid hustlers, drugs and frequent gang fights. We popped in recently on a weekend night and one bar owner was telling us he’s never seen things so bad even in rainy season. Unusually for this year’s rainy season, it was a pleasant dry evening when a few more people should have been out and about, yet the bars were almost deserted. We counted two other farangs, both long time ex-pats as the only other customers there.

The good news is that many of the underage teenagers that used to plague the place have disappeared, probably in anticipation of a much vaunted new social order clampdown. Rainy season always brings one or two casualties and changes of ownership in the alley, but so far since DT’s bar closed all have survived. However, rumor has it the site will be redeveloped in the coming months so these bars may not have a long term future anyway. Of course, as with the Peak Bars further along the soi it took a couple of years from the announcement of closure until the bulldozers finally moved in so this may be another slow and painful death. From the general state of the place re-investment in cleaning and maintenance has obviously already ceased.

Some of the fun times from a few years ago, as depicted on this video on Youtube, seem a distant memory:

Meanwhile Chiang Mai’s go-go bars were reporting brisk business this weekend, although nearly all from Thai customers which are the mainstay of these places. Helped by the fact everyone just got paid, Karaoke bars Barocco and Relax were both packed with Thai revelers, keen to quickly dispose of their hard earned cash.

In another development, news has reached us from Pattaya of plans for a new gay venue in the Chang Puek area. Mike, formerly from La Cage in Pattaya, is apparently opening a new up-market host bar. It has been rumoured to be at the former Doi Boy location and will be called the “Sky Club“ though we haven’t been able to confirm that. His idea is to surround the drinker in a lavish environment, and he has a backer to help set the place up and take care of local issues. His “no expense spared” approach will ensure that you can get the best drinks in a great setting, and the staff will make sure your every desire is taken care of. We understand they also intend offering a show late in the evening. More details when we get them.

Club one SevenSoho

Relax is the dark side of Chiang Mai at it’s best. A late night Karaoke may not be everyone’s favourite choice of where to go, and not for those of a weak disposition, but if you are young, or young at heart, and are still up for loud music and partying until dawn it doesn’t get much better in Chiang Mai.

Relax is located on the Superhighway just west of the Khwangsing intersection with Chottana Road in Chang Puek district. Heading out of town, turn left at Khwangsing and Relax is about 200M on your left, after the computer center and before Siam Rad hospital. You can spot it from the many motorbikes parked on the sidewalk and the large potted trees that conceal the entrance. On entering, you’ll need a moment to adjust to the light, or rather lack of it! The decor is simple; everything is painted black and bathed in UV light.

The venue is compact, with small tables and stools, or there are a few big stools where you can sit at the bar if you prefer. Big video screens line the walls for the karaoke participants. Relax is very Thai, as is the drinks menu; a wine and cocktail bar it ain’t. Choices are either large bottles of beer or Whiskey and mixer sets and you are welcome to bring your own whiskey bottle if you don’t want to buy a whole one. Prices are normal bar prices and there are no extra charges for singing songs, boy drinks, or having the waiters sit with you. Thai food is also available.

So, you may be wondering why we like this place! Well, it’s the people that make any bar fun and Relax scores highly there. Firstly there is the large adorable group of handsome young men, smartly dressed in their uniform shirts, who work there and are always up for fun! Secondly, there is the friendly fun loving customers. A mixed bunch, a lot of the customers are bar boys who work at other bars and come here to relax after work, many are Tai Yai. Others are a very mixed selection of Thai gays and their friends of varying ages. The party doesn’t get started until around 1 a.m. and gets into full swing about 3 a.m. when the post Mandalay Crowd arrive. Karaoke always instills social interaction and, with the addition of alcohol, inhibitions are lowered and it’s easy to make new friends. The staff, some of whom are extremely cute, are also all available to go home with you.

With non extortionate prices and a fun crowd Relax has become very popular, indeed at weekends it can be hard to get a seat! Check it out and have fun.

For those of you already familiar with Relax please note it’s just undergone a complete makeover and is now looking resplendent with new glossy black paint. The furniture is all new with comfortable and trendy looking padded stools and chic tables replacing the old wooden furniture. Most importantly, there’s a great selection of new boys there now.

Adams Apple ClubBon Tong productions

More Site Updates

Author: Gay Chiangmai 9 Aug 2010

A few more updates to the site. The disco and late night page has been changed to give more information about Chiang Mai’s Gay Karaoke bars with entries added for two of the better ones – Barocco and Relax. More can be found on our gay map.

The bar page has been brought up to date with several minor changes.  The biggest news is that Cream Bar, one of the longest running of the night bazzar Sleaze Alley bars, has closed down.  It’s rumoured to have been sold and will be renovated prior to a high season re-opening.

We believed the owner sold the bar for financial reasons, but it has also been rumoured the powers that be want to move all these bars from the night bazaar down to Chiang Mai Land and are asserting pressure accordingly.  Of course, that story has been circulating for years in Chiang Mai (primarily related to the lady bars on Loy Kroh Road).  Who knows if it’s got any substance this time.  And talking of Chiang Mai Land, the old His Club karaoke has recently re-opened as the “Sofa Club”.

Club one SevenBon Tong productions
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