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About Us

About Radchada Café

HELLOOOOOOOOOO I am Note, Welcome to my website.


Sawadee Jiao, welcome to Radchada Café, the internet’s premier guide to everything gay in Chiang Mai We hope you enjoy your visit to the Chiangmai gay scene. We are fun loving people and we want you to have fun too.

We put together this website to provide free and up todate information about gay life and venues in Chiang Mai because much of the information we see on other sites is innacurate and out of date. Unlike sites based in Bangkok or further afield, Radchada Café relies on our many friends in Chiang Mai who know the local scene and are out and about on a regular basis to keep the information up to date.

If you were wondering why this website is called Radchada Café – it used to be the name of my bar and restaurant in Chiang Mai. So named after all the fun we used to have down on Radchada soi 8 in Bangkok that we brought the fun to Chiang Mai. Becasue of problems with my family, I closed the bar two years ago. However, I’m now happy to report theat we’ve re-opened in a new location as a daytime Café Radchada Garden Café is a mixed venue that is very gay friendly and already popular with all my old friends. It is a boutique Café located in the grounds of a beautiful Lanna style teak wood mansion with tranquil surroundings. It boasts a relaxing garden where you can enjoy tea, coffee, drinks, snacks and light meals with great service and friendly staff.

Radchada Garden Cafe
Radchada Garden Café

Visit their website at for more information and full details about this new venue. We hope you will visit us soon.

Please use this website to find the many other fun places to visit in Chiang Mai. My top favourite is Madagay, if you are going there please call me and make an appointement to buy me whiskey 🙂 I love dat! Thank you so much.

Khun Note